I know. It can lead to deep frustration. You clean and then it gets dirty. Yes, you do the dishes and then five minutes later, the sink is full again. You made it through your inbox in the morning and by the time late afternoon strikes, you’re already digging yourself out again.

Literally, before you’ve even finished putting the dog’s toys away, they’re splayed out across the floor.

Just as you put the finishing touches on that big project, another is dropped on your plate. You finally organize your kids’ clothes and now they’ve grown out of them.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:09

So can you avoid frustration?

This cycle can drive you nuts. Or you can learn to love it.

There is a rawness and a wonder to life. Pursue it. Hunt for it. Sell out to get it. Don’t listen to the whines of those who have settled for a second-rate life and want you to do the same so they won’t feel guilty. Your goal is not to live long; it’s to live.

Time slips. Days pass. Years fade. And life ends. 

And what we came to do must be done while there is time.

Isn’t that a way we might see all the work we do? Might that be a way to go through life? 

It’s not about cleaning the house or finishing this or that task. It’s about the unending, ephemeral process that we begin again and again and again. 

The dishes, the desk, the dog’s toys, your inbox, the weight you lose and gain and lose—these things are never done or clean or organized or set. You are at work. Your growth is at work.

So we should not feel exasperated or frustrated by it. We should love the flow of it. It’s not work we’re doing, it’s art. Finish? To be finished would mean the end of this—the end of our lives. No, we like that it’s a little bit like Groundhog’s Day. Because it means a chance to wake up and live another day.

It’s that simple.

To do it beautifully. To do it well.

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