Do We Determine Our Own Destiny
Learn how your destiny is determined by where you fix your focus and what you can do to ensure to have God's favor by your side.
The Rest of Our Lives - Ethan Yates
Motivation comes in different sizes, shapes, and sources. Ethan Yates inspires us on how to keep reinventing our deepest motivation.
3 Habits of a Healthy Heart
Explore three simple habits we can instill into our lives today to have a spiritually and emotionally healthy heart
busy burnout
All of us are busy. We accumulate responsibilities and obligations. It is easy to feel burnout. What can you do to fight it and feel better?
Life is not about goals. Life is about enjoying the ride, love the process to reach your goals, so you can live without frustration.
Life can cause us to become weary, tired, and exhausted. We all need some empathy sometimes. Adding empathy is a game-changer and this is why.
Will revenge make you feel better
We all have been hurt sometimes. Is retaliation the medicine? Will revenge really make you feel better? What can you do over this feeling?
General Grant left the Washington office as a controversial figure, a legacy of several lessons to learn. This one is the most relevant to me.
you got this
Sometimes things can get scary, what do you do when you feel overwhelmed or struggling? What do you do when you feel this way?

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