Dr Edgar Cajas Music Changes Life Perspective
Dr. Edgar Cajas shares how in-home worship services during the pandemic helped his family and how music therapy makes a difference at school.
Make your life better
Abishai's friendship made David's life better as it helped him to fight an old enemy. Has God sent Abishai to you as well? Find out here.
3 Habits of a Healthy Heart
Explore three simple habits we can instill into our lives today to have a spiritually and emotionally healthy heart
Feeling of uncertainty
Sometimes our desires are the last thing we really need! Feelings of uncertainty can drown us when things are not as planned. How to overcome uncertainty?
Duty desire
Align yourself to true motivation in life. When you want to give in to your desires, but the desires conflict with your duties, what will you do?
How will you measure life
It’s tempting to measure your life by the battles you won, the money, the pleasure or achievements. Does it really matters?
Life is not about goals. Life is about enjoying the ride, love the process to reach your goals, so you can live without frustration.
There is an infinite amount of things you could do today. There is an infinite amount of information you could […]
A great leadership has magnetism and communication, vision and boldness. Here a simpler, yet powerful secret to a healthy leadership
Each of us has, in our hearts, a list of slights that we carry. Would you forget or keep it in your memory?

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