Feeling of uncertainty
Sometimes our desires are the last thing we really need! Feelings of uncertainty can drown us when things are not as planned. How to overcome uncertainty?
praising him in the storm
It is easy to praise God when we're full of blessings and things we can appreciate, but what about times of trouble and temptations threatening to sink what we love? How can you keep praising God during the storm?
the vitamin to avoid emotional sickness
Mental and emotional health are both important. Learn how to built up an immune system to avoid emotional sickness.
busy burnout
All of us are busy. We accumulate responsibilities and obligations. It is easy to feel burnout. What can you do to fight it and feel better?
A great leadership has magnetism and communication, vision and boldness. Here a simpler, yet powerful secret to a healthy leadership
Each of us has, in our hearts, a list of slights that we carry. Would you forget or keep it in your memory?
Life can cause us to become weary, tired, and exhausted. We all need some empathy sometimes. Adding empathy is a game-changer and this is why.
Will revenge make you feel better
We all have been hurt sometimes. Is retaliation the medicine? Will revenge really make you feel better? What can you do over this feeling?
General Grant left the Washington office as a controversial figure, a legacy of several lessons to learn. This one is the most relevant to me.
Red Tape
Are you like me and sometimes feel you are surrounded by small-minded people trapped by red tape? What can you do for your mental peace?

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