Have you ever felt burnt out and stressed to the point of giving up?

Maybe you are like me and have pursued many different avenues to find a way to get mental clarity in a dense fog of fear, confusion, and stress.

After getting diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, my battle against the symptoms just started. I started researching and doing some trial-and-error discovery when I found I way to get my life back.

Triumph Over Anxiety is a personal eBook with tips and ideas to help you cope with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

You will find in this book my ten best methods to triumphing over anxiety. I hope my story and experiences will be helpful to you as you navigate the storm of anxiety.


This is what people think about the eBook
“Triumph Over Anxiety”

Elizabeth Lozano

The book reminds me I’m not alone to overcome anxiety. I really enjoyed reading it and it made me think of what I need to improve in my life and finally triumph over anxiety!


I just read your book…wonderful! God’s grace and strength in your life are so evident! I knew some of this but your story is remarkable! Praise God!


It has a lot of important information. I can’t wait to start doing it all


This eBook was written in an easy, conversational style with practical suggestions for overcoming anxiety. I recommend this book to anyone seeking solutions to their anxiety issues.

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