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We all know what it feels like to be so tired and spent and just beat down to the point where it’s like you’re so sick of everything. Like you can hardly take it anymore and you want God to send an Angel or something to rescue you, to get you out of the situation. You ask for help from God to make your life better.

You know the old joke about the man that was out at the sea, and he is drowning in the ocean? And he cried out to God.

He said “God, will you please save me? Please deliver me from this terrible situation”. He’s thrashing about there in the water; a helicopter flies overhead. And it drops down the ladder down to the man. He says “no, thank you. I’m waiting on the Lord dressing me”.

So a little while later, a boat comes by to deliver the man there out of the ocean. The man says again “no, thank you. I’m waiting on the Lord. He will deliver me”. Well, a third time a jetski comes by to rescue the man. The man says “no, I’m waiting on the Lord. I’ve called out to him, He’s gonna hear me. No, you go on”.

Ultimately, man drowns, and he goes to heaven. “My Lord, why didn’t you deliver me from the drowning sea? I was out there, Lord, why? I cried out to you”. And the Lord says to him “well, I sent you a helicopter. I sent a boat” He said, “I sent you a ski You didn’t take advantage of what I provided you. Why didn’t you do that?”

An Old Enemy

It’s crazy how we send away the help that God sends our direction. This week I was reading about David, the boy who slew Goliath with display in the stone.

Well, the story goes on in 2 Samuel 21, where David again has another run-in with his good old friends, the Philistines. But this time David isn’t a child, but a man still fighting the same old enemy, the same philistine, but different battle.

During this fight, David becomes exhausted and deep down, and the enemy forces get new weapons, the Bible says, and decide they’re going to put an end to David.

God sends a man called Abishai to save David’s life. The story reminds me of a couple things I’m sharing with you if you keep reading further.

God Sent Help

Yes, God sent help to David. It’s in a man called Abishai. It got me to thinking, who are the Abbasids in my life? That maybe I’m pushing away when I’m trying to fight the battle on my own.

That’s turning away the very help that God has sent me. Am I just swinging and fighting and dismissing the Abishai? But God has sent help.

David fought the same enemy his whole life. He faced Goliath, the Philistine giant as a youth, and then as an adult, the same Philistine enemy.

I feel like that sometimes the things that I battled as a young person still pop up in my life. I think it’s again, the same struggle, the same feeling of inadequacy, the same temptation the same whole thing again.

The Philistines that David fought with new weapons. It says so in two Samuel 21, verse 16 “a new sword”. The enemies you and I face throughout our lives change weapons and tactics, tactics and cause us to stumble and to fall.

The Lord prepares us for the new battle. New battle against the same enemy. Different battles, but new levels of fighting. The enemy has new weapons. But so do we.

Do you remember when David went up to fight Goliath? Sal gave him his armor, but of course, it didn’t fit him as a boy.

The armor didn’t work then, but it works now. Christ has given us a new wardrobe, a shield of faith, a helmet of salvation, and a breastplate of bright. This week, I want you to do a couple of things. Maybe sending a couple of cards or text or message to maybe the Abishai hidden in your life.

Think back to people who got to send across your task to help you.

Protect Your Light

And what do I mean by light? Well, light represents these three things, your perspective, your passion, and your purpose.

God has sent you, Jesus Christ, to triumph over the battles of this life. He also sends you Abacha to help you in the most difficult times. Don’t push them away, because that’s what we do.

We push our Abishai away, and we bring the enemies closer and fight and fight and fight. Don’t do that. Even if you’re feeling burnt out, God tells you what to do sending help and advice to you as he did with Moses sending his father-in-law, Jetro, as we see here.

This week. Draw near to Christ. Draw near to the beside in your life and protect the life Christ is in place, only God can make your life better.

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